Lively Air Lapland 7L

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Why bottled air?

  • The air has low carbon dioxide concentrations to energize you, naturally.
  • Clean air is free from unpleasant odors and air pollution.
  • Cold air refreshes and wakes you up. - For the best effect keep refrigerated.
  • 2 trees planted for every bottle sold. - Enjoy nature while protecting it.

About Lively Air Lapland

According to the latest research by the World Health Organization (WHO), the cleanest air in the World have been measured in Pallas, Finnish Lapland, when measuring PM10 levels. Want to know how the World's cleanest natural air feels like? Then Lively Air Lapland is your choice!

Just 30 kilometers away from the Swedish border and less than 100 kilometers from the Norwegian border, Pallas provides you a truly Nordic experience. If Pallas is too far away for you to travel, you can always cheat a little and take a sip of Lively Air Lapland.

For every Lively Air Lapland bottle sold, we plant 2 trees! Trees capture air pollution and turn carbon dioxide to oxygen.

The product is best enjoyed cold.


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