Lively Air Finland 4L

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Why bottled air?

  • The air has low carbon dioxide concentrations to energize you, naturally.
  • Clean air is free from unpleasant odors and air pollution.
  • Cold air refreshes and wakes you up. - For the best effect keep refrigerated.
  • 2 trees planted for every bottle sold. - Enjoy nature while protecting it.

About Lively Air Finland

With Lively Air Finland we offer our customers a breeze of clean air from the forests of Finland. Lively Air Finland is bottled in the forests of a tiny, remote and scenic village, Norinkylä, which is also home to our office and outlet, Opintola B&B.

Lively Air Finland might make you feel like you're on a holiday, relaxing at the pier or hiking in untouched nature. The only thing disrupting the silence are the birds singing at a distance. So we recommend you to enjoy the product only when your boss is not watching!

For every Lively Air Finland bottle sold, we plant 2 trees! Trees capture air pollution and turn carbon dioxide to oxygen.

The product is best enjoyed cold.

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