Our Mission

To make the Earth's air pollution-free.

Our vision

It is a long journey to have clean and unpolluted air for all of us but eventually, it will happen. During the process, we help people living in polluted cities with different products, create sustainable solutions to various challenges related to air pollution and remind people of the awesomeness of nature by bringing it to them, wherever they are.

Our aim is to launch first products related to clean air solutions in 2018. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!


i​s the system's ability to continue working and developing also in the long term.

90 % of the world's population are forced to breathe polluted air, the average global temperature continues to rise and climate change can already be witnessed in different forms. We have forgotten how precious and irreplaceable our planet is.

By addressing the air pollution problem, we also address the problems with our climate. Much of climate change is caused by the same processes as air pollution and these problems need our immediate attention and action, especially those of companies.

The global problems we face with our air and our climate cannot be solved by consumers or by governments alone. Companies need to be the leaders in sustainability. We, at Lively Air, want to be a part of a sustainable future and one of the leaders in sustainability.

Sustainable bottled air

We strive for a negative carbon footprint. Detailed carbon footprint report is available for download below.

Carbon footprint reporting and minimizing

We strive for a negative carbon footprint. The first detailed report is available for download here.

What do we do in practice?
Make significant donations to organizations fighting pollution problems and environmental destruction.

Take part in conversations about sustainability so we can maximize our impact on our stakeholders as well.

Minimize transportation.

Minimize energy consumption.

Always strive to find the most environmentally friendly suppliers for our products.

Encourage remote working.

Minimize our carbon footprint in everything we do and strive for and achieve a negative carbon footprint with the help of our carbon footprint reports.


We donate at least  20 cents (US $) to organizations protecting the nature or fighting climate change and pollution problems for every bottle sold.

Current donations:

- 100% of donations go to planting new trees through a non-profit organisation.

We cooperate with an organization that plants trees in sub-Saharan Africa.

For every 10 cents (US $), 1 tree is planted.

If you want to apply for a grant you are very welcome to contact us!

Get in touch!

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