2 Trees Planted for Every Bottle Sold

2 Trees Planted for Every Bottle Sold

90 % of the world's population are forced to breathe polluted air, the average global temperature continues to rise and climate change can already be witnessed in different forms. We have forgotten how precious and irreplaceable our planet is.

We, at Lively Air, want to be a part of the change in the ways companies treat the environment. Not only because it is pretty cool to take part in saving the world, but because it is also better for business. More and more people choose eco-friendly products. A company that does not take sustainability into account will not be able to prosper in the future.

2 trees planted for negative carbon footprint


We have calculated, to our best ability, the CO2 emissions caused by the existence of our products all the way from the production of our bottles and bottle caps, to our retailers’ store. Manufacture and logistics of a Lively Air bottle cause less than 1 kg of co2 emissions but the trees we plant absorb more than 100 kgs of co2.

We have attempted to minimize the emissions caused by different sources throughout the value chain. With the help of the carbon footprint reports we can better track our emissions and work to minimize them. We can recognize the processes that emit the most and work to eliminate the emissions caused by those processes.

To offset the emissions that remain, we plant trees in Sub-Saharan Africa. These trees will be planted in a forest garden that will create income for a local entrepreneur. By planting trees in a forest garden, we can be sure that when a tree reaches the end of its life, another will be planted in its place. The entrepreneur not only has the resources, but also the incentive to plant a new tree to replace the dead tree as their income depends on it.


Creating a carbon footprint report is just one step towards sustainability and reducing the emissions demands work, but it is a great start. The report can help a business to identify the worst emitting processes, get more results by knowing where the real problem lies and to minimize the emissions. The report also helps to better communicate the company’s desire and efforts towards being sustainable to its current customers and potential future customers.

Download Lively Air's carbon footprint report here!